Quick and Easy Tip for Cleaning Vinyl Floors

During my last post, in which I showed you an easy way to remove sticky spots from the floor, I lamented the sad state of my 40-year old vinyl flooring. All that inherited and ground-in grime that repeated scrubbing with every product known to mankind hadn’t been able to lift. I even tried ironing my floor, if you can believe that! (Hey, it worked on a carpet stain in my office, so I thought, why not? Didn’t work for me on the vinyl.)

But in reading the comments section of Jillee’s floor-ironing article, I chanced upon a reader tip that changed everything! A reader named Joyce had this suggestion:

spray scrubbing bubbles on the laminate floor, let it sit for about 20 min and mop up.

Bubbles are for the bathtub, silly. Pffft! Except, as one commenter noted, the main product in the scrubbing bubbles is ammonia, and that’s what I’d been ironing my floor with, per Jillee’s instructions. Could using bathroom bubbles on the kitchen floor be any sillier than using an iron on it?

What the heck? I had some Scrubbing Bubbles leftover anyway, so it was worth a shot.

dirty vinyl flooring

cleaner vinyl flooring

Now there was some scrubbing by yours truly involved. Those black dots didn’t just jump off the floor. But the bubbles did the biggest part of the work. It doesn’t look like a brand new floor, but it does look more like a clean floor, and that was my intention all along!

Thank you, Joyce, wherever you are! And Jillee for getting the whole discussion started!

One last shot, for comparative purposes:

before and after vinyl floors

Whew! I can now reinstitute the 5-second rule! :)

5 thoughts on “Quick and Easy Tip for Cleaning Vinyl Floors

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  2. Wow! Cammy, that’s great! I wonder if there was any residue that you felt you had to rinse off? Did it feel sticky? I have a dog and I think she might want to start licking the floor (some strange thing that dogs do, apparently!)… Thanks for sharing this. I loved the updates you showed on your other blog!

    • Great question, Tracy! I didn’t feel any residue, but I did mop over it at the end with apple cider vinegar/water. I don’t know that it helped anything other than my nagging feeling that I should rinse it. :)

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