How to Lead Criminals Right to Your Door

Police officers were at our neighborhood meeting last night. Not because there was threat of a rumble–I’m 54, and I was the youngest person attending for the first half of the meeting–but to share crime-fighting advice. Most of the tips were the routine things like locking your car doors, stowing packages in your trunk, leaving lights on when you’re away from home, and so on. All things most of us know and do on a regular basis.

One tip, though, came up in a side discussion and was something I’d never thought about.

gpsI purchased a GPS device last year when I took on a work contract that involves a great many road trips. I promptly took advantage of the neat Home feature and programmed my home address into the device. When I finish a work assignment, I don’t have to enter my address–I just press the Home button and the GPS maps the route from wherever I am.

It never occurred to me that if a criminal type broke into my car and stole my GPS that my beloved Home button could lead them right to my door! And it would be my rotten luck that it would get all the directions right that time!

Needless to say, I immediately went home and reprogrammed the Home feature to a different address. Now if someone steals my GPS, they’ll think I live at the grocery store a half-mile away. (Which wouldn’t be far from the truth during one of my more disorganized weeks.)

If you have your home address plugged into your GPS unit or smart phone, you might want to change it to someplace nearby.

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  1. I haven’t thought about it either, I got your point in mind. Thanks! GPS is such a great help so as other advanced technology application on our vehicle and at home, but we should also be responsible enough in placing our personal information in our gadgets for we might never know what worst might happen. As possible, keep it confidential and tell no one but to those trusted people only.

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