Measuring Up in the Kitchen

betty crocker measuring cupsNot being a culinary whiz, I tend to avoid investing a lot of money in my cooking accessories. My 4-piece measuring cup set, for example, cost a whopping $1 at Dollar Tree.

What’s not to love? They’re functional and they’re my favorite color, red. It’s the standard 1/4-, 1/3-, 1/2-, and 1-cup set, and I’ve picked up a few unmatched cups, including a handy 1/8-cup measure, at garage sales.

The biggest problem with this imperfect assortment is that they’re messy in my utensil drawer. I’ve thought about doing something like this:

But it’s not really very likely to happen. In addition to not being very good in the kitchen, I’m not very crafty either. (I’m okay with that since neither one is a character flaw. As far as I know, anyway.)

The other day I spotted these nice measuring cups on Amazon:

measuring cups

These are collapsible, plus you can pinch the tops to pour from them. And they’re red. :) They’re also nicely-priced at $12, the exact amount of an Amazon gift certificate I have on hand.

Rather than jump in and order, I decided to check out other options–do a little Windows-shopping, if you will.

These beautiful Izmir cups from Anthropologie are definitely counter-top worthy, if a little pricey (for my budget) at $32:

anthropologie measuring cup

I love these simple dipped measuring cups from West Elm:

west elm dipped measuring cup

These cupcake-shaped measuring cups from Modcloth caught my eye:

modcloth cupcake measuring cups

I like this 7-pc set from King Arthur Flour (my wheat flour of choice), both for the simple design and the extra 2/3- and 3/4-cup measures:

king arthur flour measuring cups

At almost $40, they’re over-budget for me. Maybe I’ll just find some individual versions of those odd-sized cups, or stick to extra dipping. :)

I’m completely smitten with this stacked measuring cup set from Anthropologie:

milk jug measuring cup set

I’m thinking of using the set as a reward for getting my kitchen remodel completed. Should that ever actually occur. (If I’d quit shopping for measuring cups and resume shopping for counter tops, I’d have a better shot.)

With that in mind, I’d better get busy. :)

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