Recommended: 04/06/2012

I’ve let another week slip by without much content. Sorry, but paying jobs come first even if they do come with surprise road trips! :)

Here are a few interesting articles from bloggers who DID post this week:

Why Flylady Didn’t Work for Me [Simple Productivity Blog]
I have quite a few friends who successfully follow the Flylady homemaking methodology, but it was a big ol’ fail for me, too. I live alone, and my sink doesn’t need polishing that much!

100 Greatest Cooking Tips of All Time [Food Network]
Okay, so not a recipe, per se, but maybe you can use some of these tips in the recipes you already have.

Best and Worst Things to Buy in April [Wisebread]
Even though they didn’t say so, apparently lottery tickets weren’t a good idea. At least, not for me.

Increasing Your Productivity – The Big Picture and the Little Picture [Dumb Little Man]
I’m better at the big picture stuff. :)

5 Ways to Change a Habit [Pick the Brain]
I especially like the discussion of “keystone habits” in this article:

Some habits, say researchers, are more important than others because they have the power to start a chain reaction, shifting other patterns as they move through our lives. Keystone habits influence how we work, eat, play, live, spend, and communicate. Keystone habits start a process that, over time, transforms everything.



3 thoughts on “Recommended: 04/06/2012

  1. Lottery ticket did not work for me either! ;-)

    Love that last habit quote!

    AND love the Wizard of Oz funny!!!! My feet can’t wear cute shoes but I wish they could! ;-)

  2. Flylady was just too anal for me – or maybe I need a 300 sq. foot house.

    I’m a forest > trees kinda gal also.

    I wish it only took 5 steps to change one’s eating behavior…

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