Recommended: 03/16/2012

Do you ever have the feeling someone’s trying to tell you something? I’ve tried to post here for the past three days only to have something else (phone calls, lightning, road trip) get in the way each time. So I’m saving the thrilling finale to Proofreading 101 until next week. I hope no one loses sleep over the weekend. But if you need something to read, here are some excellent articles I’ve read recently:


22 Tips to Get Organized for Spring [Simple Organized Living]
My organizational patterns follow the same path of my previous weight loss attempts. Each spring, I’m hopeful that THIS will be the year I finally get organized and stay that way. (Here’s hoping my tippy toe approach and this good article will get me there this year. Or if not there, then reasonably close.)


Frozen Yogurt Dots [One Good Thing]
So easy even I can do it! In fact, I just did! I’m really looking forward to mixing fresh spring berries into some creamy Greek yogurt and making yogurt dots. I think I will call them Yots! :) (Dibs on trademark!)


21 Disposable Products You Can Reuse [Wisebread]
I love getting the most use out of any product, and some of the ideas in this article are excellent. I already knew about #1, using butter wrappers for greasing pans or cookie sheets. My favorite new tip of this list is #7, using plastic utensils as plant markers. Brilliant!


17 Tips to Double Your Productivity In 14 Days [Robin Sharma]
As a fledgling entrepreneur, I’m learning the valuable lesson of time = money. This article has some excellent tips on being our most productive “in this age of dramatic distraction.”


Time to Kill Your Mental Boundaries [Dumb Little Man]
“Frequently, people discuss what they would love to have or do but “can’t” for one reason or another. In some cases, there are huge challenges to overcome; however, all too often, what we perceive to be a physical, economical, physiological, or social boundary ends up being a mental boundary.”

I know this well and am actively working on stepping outside the box in which I’ve put myself.


Happy Weekend!

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  1. I am glad you are stepping outside the box. This new adventure for my family is stepping outside the box- and I must say- it has put a spring back in my step. I had become stagnant and very set in my ways. It feels good to be outside the box- scary…. but freeing!!!

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