Recommended: 02/11/2012

It seems winter is making a visit to some parts of the U.S. this weekend. If you’re housebound this weekend, perhaps you’ll find something useful in these articles I read this past week:

5 Tips to Improve Your Dishwasher [Small Notebook]

Easy little tips to get greater efficiency from your dishwasher, to which I’ll add a tip of my own: use straight white vinegar in the little rinse aid dispenser thingie. It’s effective (squeaky-clean, shiny dishes!) and cost-efficient.

Finance and Frugality
22 Ways to Reuse Paper [Wisebread]

Despite trying to be more mindful of paper usage, I still have way too much of around here. This article has some useful and frugal ideas. My biggest improvement has been to keep “uh-oh” paper loaded in the printer so that I automatically use it first. This is great for printing recipes, drafts, maps, and such. If I need something “pure”, I can manually load as many new sheets as I need.

Using Strengths and Weaknesses to Improve Your Uncluttering and Organizing Projects [Unclutterer]

This is a nice little exercise to go through for any area of life, but I found it useful for looking at why I’m stalled on some of my home re-do projects. My greatest weakness is actually included in the article: a serious case of “wandering feet and mind.” Now I just need to come up with a plan to work around it.

Have You Found Your Calling? [Dumb Little Man]
Finding your passion isn’t easy (or maybe that’s just me). According to this article:

It’s not “if you do A, you’ll find B.” It’s a question that requires you to look within and usually it’s the start of a lengthy, but very fulfilling journey.

Wishing you all a warm and wonderful weekend!

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