Two-fer Tuesday: Closet Tips

Double the fun today!

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I had heard this tip a long time ago but stumbled again recently on The Ol’ Switcheroo:

On January 1 (or thereabouts), turn all the hangers in your closet backwards. As you wear an item, hang it back up the right way. In six months, any clothes that are still hanging backwards are really good candidates for donation.

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If you’re short on closet space, use luggage to store off season clothes. Unless, of course, you’re a flight attendant or pilot. :)

4 thoughts on “Two-fer Tuesday: Closet Tips

  1. Love this hanger thing! With me & not being great at getting rid of things, I think about 99% of my hangers would not have changed & things should go – OK, I need to do spring cleaning now! ;-)

  2. Great idea for hanging clothes. Many of mine are lying in Goodwill now, but I’m already collecting new stuff. Sigh. I don’t dress up for work, rarely go to parties or fancy affairs. Why the heck do I have so many clothes and shoes and hats any way?

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